What We Do - Soul Seed Gathering
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What We Do

What We Do

We are a mission-driven, travelling gathering for women.



We operate as a Profit-for-Purpose collective.


Each festival chapter directly supports our:


Research & Education Project


Feature-Length Documentary Film


of Women’s Indigenous, Cultural & Ancestral Wisdom, past and present.



Made by women, for women



Each Soul Seed Gathering Chapter is a:

meeting place of women and ideas, from around the world

invitation for celebration

immersive cultural experience

idea forum for positive change

education portal: with talks, skills workshops and interactive classes

For each gathering chapter, we carefully invite a few select guests, who we believe will offer direct value to participants.


We invite all paying ticket holders to share an offering, within their knowledge, skill-set, and experience. This ran as an experiment for our Chapter 1 with incredible success.


Within each gathering, there is no hierarchy of expertise. We believe strongly that there is something to learn from everyone. Expect to come as equal, to be supportive of one another, & to learn from all those taking part.



Every ticket purchased, and every donation made, supports our work directly.



  • Follow our journey here


  • Join us for Chapter 2. Info coming shortly…