Chapter 2 - Soul Seed Gathering
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Heart of the Great Mother

Took place on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range
25th May – 30th May 2018


Weaving with Wayuu Women

Kogi Mochila Weaving

Jaba Teresa Kogi Seeress

Womb Clay Making Workshop

Erika Rose Live Performance + In Conversation

Live Show with Low Leaf w/Harp

Photography w/ Hannah Faith + Jess Bercovici

Stela 9 Experience in Business Talk

Indigenous Women’s Wisdom w/ Gabriela Del Mar

Books of Hours with Rozanne & AJ

Caribbean Dance w/ Minkie English

Kundalini Yoga, Heart Flow + Yoga Nidra

Introduction to Ayurveda & Oils w/Gretchen Westlake

Mandala Making + Ancient Symbolism

*SSG – the research of our forgotten female mysteries insight talk and Q&A


*Marketplace – Colombian treasures, Stela 9 + Shibori Silks

*Healing Arts Space

*Full Moon Fire Cacao Ceremony


Colombia is home to 87 Indigenous Tribes, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is home to the 4 Tayrona tribes: the Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo.


For Chapter 2, we learned from the Kogi & also Wayuu tribe.


The Wayuu (pronounced “wah-you”) are indigenous to the semi-arid desert region of the Guajira Peninsula in Colombia. The tribe is matrilineal, with the Mother at the head of the household, she teaches her daughter how to weave their Mochila bags.


To the Wayuu, weaving is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity. According to legend the tradition comes from the “Wale’kerü”, a spider that taught the women how to weave their creative drawings into the Wayuu bags.


The Kogi people have an unparalleled reverence for all things Nature. Mother Earth is not some distant god, she is “the mind inside nature.” She is the Creator of all things & needs to be respected.
For a long time, the Kogis remained strictly private and isolated, until they felt the urgent call to send a message to the World. They witness their home as a microcosm of the world, and are warning with the rapid destruction taking place, that we are quickly moving to our own demise.
Location: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Image: Frugalfrolicker

‘Imagine a pyramid standing alone by the sea. Each side a hundred miles long. It’s a mountain, nearly four miles high. In its folds, imagine every different climate on earth. This is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The people hidden here call the Sierra the Heart of the World.’


The indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada share a common belief that they are guardians of the heart of the world. The belief is that entire mountain range is a living entity and before being created by Sezhankwa the Great Mother existed in the spiritual universe.

-Ereira, Alan. The Heart of the World. J. Cape. 1990.

Gathering Flow

*The following is to offer a guide and idea of our gathering flow…


Jan 31st – Gathering our soul seeds – Dream Seed Planting
Arrival & Information

Opening Ceremony, connecting in circle, community and with the earth.


Feb 1st – Growing with ritual, tools and learning

East of the Wheel

Youth  – Learning about ceremony & ritual

Sharing visions

Play – movement and creating


Feb 2nd – Nourishing our ideas, visions and creativity

South of the Wheel

Teenage – Blood Mysteries & Sacred Sexuality

Sacred dance & movement

Healing Space


Feb 3rd – Blooming

West of the Wheel

Mother – Birthing what we choose to create

Warrior voice and facing fears


Feb 4th – Celebrating fruits of labour

North of the Wheel


Ancestors – Unravelling the mystery

Market Place


Feb 5th – Pollinating

Sunrise commitment ceremony and group celebration to Self