Chapter 1 - Soul Seed Gathering
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Chapter 1

CH1 – Female Soul Weaving

Chapter 1 took place in the magical and mystical Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.
31st Jan. – 5th Feb. 2017




Guatemala has a rich history and cultural tradition of Mayan mythology woven into the landscape and the stories of their textiles.

Women weave for their communities, and thread their dreams, visions and hopes together.






Exploring the practice and symbology of weaving with local Guatemalan Master Weavers.

Invited you to bring your own soul threads – creativity, vision, voice, skills, ideas, magic – to weave into our community tapestry.






Gathering: daily yoga, meditation, cacao ceremony, skills (basket & back-strap weaving, natural fabric dyeing, belly beading, stone wrapping) workshops, temazcal (sweat lodge), immersive cultural learning & inspirational women’s wisdom talks. Live Music Performances.






Every where on-site has jaw-dropping views of Lake Atitlán and the volcanos that surround. Practice movement to the sound of a waterfall, bathe in the soothing rock pool, shower in the outdoor secret garden, and find mystical hidden corners to explore. Learn about the beauty of permaculture and watch your soul-food being created with love, by local Mayan women and our friends the Culver City Salad girls.






LA-based filipino music artist Low Leaf live performance & sound journey.

 Gogo Thule & Gogo Ekhaya traditional African Sangoma Ceremony & ritual on their Lion Heart Medicine Tour.











Location: San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan




“San Marcos la Laguna is a small Mayan village on Lake Atitlán in the western highlands of Guatemala. It has become a Mecca for international travelers attracted by its beauty, tranquility and diverse options for spiritual exploration and therapy. Terraced into the side of a cliff, The Yoga Forest is a twenty-five minute hike up into the valley from Lake Atitlán, To escape to our lush tropical food forest please travel to us with a backpack, organic soaps, a head torch and a spirit of adventure.” – The Yoga Forest

More Info on The Yoga Forest here –

With each gathering, we aim to provide an enriching,
overflowing schedule of offerings
for you to soak into.



Live Music

Sound Journey

Soul food (3 meals a day)

 Yoga, Meditation and Dance

Cacao Ceremony + Sacred Experiences

Soul Talk Series – with cultural educators

Skill workshops – weaving, art & herbalism


our community space to barter, exchange and sell goods and services. Your opportunity to buy local goods, and meet the women who make them.

Healing Space

a community space to give or receive healing work, agreement on exchange made between participants for monetary payment or other exchange.

Sample Schedule
Each Day:

Ceremony + Circle

Meditation + Yoga


2 workshop options


2 workshop options or market place/ community space


evening – singing circle, voice, sound healing, circle/ community connection


*Please note, that our schedule is subject to change.

Gathering Flow

*The following is to offer a guide and idea of our gathering flow…


Jan 31st – Gathering our soul seeds – Dream Seed Planting
Arrival & Information

Opening Ceremony, connecting in circle, community and with the earth.


Feb 1st – Growing with ritual, tools and learning

East of the Wheel

Youth / Shaman – Learning about ceremony & ritual

Sharing visions

Play – movement and creating


Feb 2nd – Nourishing our ideas, visions and creativity

South of the Wheel

Teenage/ Priestess – Blood Mysteries & Sacred Sexuality

Sacred dance & movement

Healing Space


Feb 3rd – Blooming

West of the Wheel

Mother/ Shaman – Birthing what we create

Warrior voice and facing fears


Feb 4th – Celebrating fruits of labour

North of the Wheel

Elder / Witch

Ancestors – Unravelling the mystery

Market Place


Feb 5th – Pollinating

Sunrise commitment ceremony and wedding celebration to self