Chapter 3 - Soul Seed Gathering
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Chapter 3

Dreaming with the Ancients, Brazil
Chapter 3 – Dreaming with the Ancients

Bahia, Brazil
 Part 1, the main gathering:

Dreaming with the Ancients

16th – 21st March 2019

@Oca Yary

with the Guarani elders

Part 2, post-gathering retreat:

Rising with Dreams

21st- 25th March

@Paraisio Verde

integration & creative celebration

with the Guarani elders

Dreaming with the Ancients Part 1 is the main gathering, in Bahia, Brazil.

16th – 21st March, 2019

for full moon & Equinox portal,

a deep learning experience with the Guarani women joining us.

We are learning from the Guarani Medicine women, known locally as the ‘Ancients’.

Offerings include:

Traditional Guarani sacred dances

Guarani sacred songs

Working with clay to make our own smudge bowls

Purification baths with herbs

Temezcal – traditional sweat lodge & purification ceremony

Guarani crafts – weaving necklaces with seeds

Waterfall cleansing

Plant walks in the ‘more than human world’

Seed planting

Land offerings


Guarani daily wisdom talks on:

– women’s lunar cycles & stages of life:

Wisdom about the cycles of women and phases of life and ways to care for oneself as you enter new life phases; from a young woman entering into womanhood with her first moon through becoming an elder. 

– cosmology & relationship with nature and the universe

– medicine wheel

Location Part 1, for the main gathering: Oca Yary

POVO GUARANI | Toda a crença dos guaranis é baseada nos elementos da natureza e na busca de conexão dos seres humanos com ela. “A educação indígena aprende com a natureza, com as estrelas, todos os universos. Somos uma estrela também, parte da natureza”, diz o pajé Geraldo Karai Okenda.

Translation: All of the beliefs of the Guarani people are based on the elements of nature and the search for connection of us humans with mother nature. “Indigenous education learns with nature, with the stars, with all of of the universe. We are stars as well, part of nature”, says chief Geraldo Karai Okenda.

Part 1  – Oca Yary


“My vision for Oca Yary is to bring back to life ancestral wisdom, to give voice to native people, to listen to and to reconnect.” – Giovanna, caretaker of Oca Yary

‘Giovanna’s land is called Yary. Beautiful wild fertile lands in the heart of the Atlantic rainforest in Bahia, called the Mata Atlantica, home to all of the native wildlife. With a river and waterfall flowing through the land it is home to so much life.

We will be sleeping in an Oca (pictured below) built by representatives of the people of the Kamayura and Xingu, with their traditional architecture. The experience of sleeping together in a collective oca, in a hammock brings many dreams & helps us remember our ancestry, a new experience for most people.’

This will be a profound ‘back to the earth’ experience, sleeping in hammocks + camping options. Sleeping suspended will allow for collective dream practices to take place.

Location Part 2, post-gathering retreat: Paraiso Verde

“My mama and I are so honored to have part 2 of Soul Seed Gathering at our home in Brazil, Paraiso Verde. This is very special land to us, it has been in our family over 30 years now and always provides a bounty of healing. For me in particular it’s been an incredible place of replenishing myself when I am seeking exactly that.”

– Malia, Chapter 3 support, connection to Brazil & caretaker of Paraiso Verde


The land stands next to the fresh water of the Sargi River flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. This creates such a powerful giving and receiving, quite literally of the mother and the daughter.  The daughter Oxum flows into the mother Yemanja.


‘My mother has moved back there full time almost two years ago and the land is buzzing with an apiary and permaculture plantings. Everything is done with utmost care for the land, as sustainable as possible; solar energy. biodegradable materials etc.’


Offerings on the land or in walking distance:

  • a beautiful apiary
  • ocean front
  • plant walks
  • medicinal plants garden
  • permaculture gardens
  • sustainable coconut oil factory
  • river and ocean bathing
  • plant and flower cleansing and baths
  • bird watching
  • surfing.

**Massages, acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments, local and organic flower essences and essential oils for purchase**

With each gathering, we aim to provide an enriching,
overflowing schedule of offerings
for you to soak into. You’re recommended to stay on-site throughout, and find outdoor spaces for personal time & connection.



3 Soul-nourishing organic plant-based meals a day

 Indigenous & Cultural Learning

Ceremony, Ritual + Sacred Experiences

Grounding Circles & Connection

Soul Talks – with cultural educators

Ancestral skill workshops


our community space to barter, exchange and sell goods and services. 

Healing Space

community space to give or receive healing work, agreement on exchange made between participants for monetary payment or other exchange.


Live Music

Yoga, Movement & Dance

Invitation to Contribute & Share an Offering



Accommodation Options for Part2
Paraiso Verde

Sleep Options:

There are three king size tree top bungalows that could be single or double occupancy. (3-6 people )
Two ground floor suites with beautiful stargazing outdoor bamboo showers; 2 single beds in each room. (4 people)
Then there is a sweet and modest beach front fisherman’s house with three rooms; 6 single beds, two in each room.
Camping (bring – your – own – tent)
Gathering Flow

*The following is to offer a guide and idea of our gathering flow…


March 16th – Gathering our soul seeds – Dream Seed Planting
Arrival & Information

Opening Ceremony, connecting in circle, community and with the earth.


March 17th – Growing with ritual, tools and learning

East of the Wheel

Youth  – Learning about ceremony & ritual

Sharing visions

Play – movement and creating


March 18th – Nourishing our ideas, visions and creativity

South of the Wheel

Teenage – Blood Mysteries & Sacred Sexuality

Sacred dance & movement

Healing Space


March 19th – Blooming

West of the Wheel

Mother – Birthing what we choose to create

Warrior voice and facing fears


March 20th – Celebrating fruits of labour

North of the Wheel


Ancestors – Unravelling the mystery

Market Place


March 21st – Pollinating

Sunrise commitment ceremony and group celebration to Self

Leaving / Arriving at Paraiso Verde for Part 2


March 22nd – Part 2 Integration & Weaving



March 23rd 



March 24th 



March 25th


Value Exchange


Early Bird Prices 

$1900 USD Part 1 – gathering only

$3600 USD Part 1 + 2 – gathering + post-gathering retreat & integration

Available here ,Until Nov 7th

~ you can also place a deposit during this time-frame to hold the early bird price. Full amount is due January 31st.


Early Bird Prices for Brazilian locals

$1550 USD Part 1 – gathering only

$2950 USD Part 1 + 2 –  gathering + post-gathering retreat & integration

~ deposit is the same as above, if paid through the campaign will hold the lower price


Full Value Exchange

$2250USD Part 1 – gathering only

$4200 USD Part 1 + 2 – gathering + post-gathering retreat & integration


Full Value Exchange for Brazilian locals

$1800 USD Part 1 – gathering only

$3400 USD Part 1 + 2 –  gathering + post-gathering retreat & integration

What is Included:

5 nights & 4 days learning with the Guarani women in the heart of the jungle

All meals during the gathering + post-gathering retreat. Lovingly prepared, plant-based & locally-sourced.

6 month access to the Soul Seed House – our community online members space

1 month online preparation journey (beginning Feb1st)

a loving incredible community of women, co-creating at this time.

Not Included:

Your Flights & travel to the site

Accommodation & food either side of the gathering or post-gathering retreat

Please Note.

To begin with, Part 2 will be only available to Part 1 participants as an  invitation for integration.

First sale of tickets are only available through our crowdfunderat the lowest gift price available to join.


On Feb 1st we will begin a month online preparation journey, for all guests to arrive, ready for this deep time & space medicine immersion. We are holding space for profound transmissions, transformation & learning, with the Guarani female elders. 

~ This offers a similar space as Plant Medicine experiences, without the active psychoactive plants. We show up to take response-ability for our own reality & truth finding within this magical space being held. 

We are also holding a smaller container than previous gatherings, to remain intimate

~ spaces are first come, first served.


Travel Support


Once you book, you will receive full travel booking support & guidance for arrival.

Flights can be booked into Sao Paulo, Salvador or Rio

+ a domestic flight to Ilheus.

Another option is to fly into Salvador and take a (6 hour )bus ride to Itacare or Ilheus as a more economical option.

We can provide travel agent to work with.

& will support car arrangements from airport or bus station to gathering. The drive is about 40 minutes from both.