Ethical Business, Fashion & Working in Guatemala Q&A w/ Luna Zorro - Soul Seed Gathering
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Ethical Business, Fashion & Working in Guatemala Q&A w/ Luna Zorro

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Ethical Business, Fashion & Working in Guatemala Q&A w/ Luna Zorro

Molly Berry is the founder + designer of Luna Zorro. A creative type with a case of wanderlust, Molly lives in Antigua, Guatemala with her husband and their two young children, Hazel Moon and Joaquin Fox. Luna Zorro, is named after them, the Spanish to English translation being Moon Fox.


Originally from San Francisco, California, Molly has lived abroad for six years – four years in Casco Viejo, Panama and two years in Antigua, Guatemala. Living in Central America is such a major source of inspiration. It has been an exciting adventure to plant her roots in Antigua and explore her creative vision to the fullest. The quality of artisan work in Guatemala is indescribable. The heritage and tradition of weaving has enabled Molly to see her ideas come to life at a level that she is truly proud of and which she stands behind wholeheartedly. Because of this, Molly decided to launch Luna Zorro. Molly works directly with both indigenous Mayan cooperatives and independent artisans who weave varieties of her own original designs. Molly also incorporates re-purposed one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that she sources in local markets. While she adores color and pattern, Molly aims to create pieces that will act as a neutral base in any home.


Luna Zorro offers cultural beauty and timeless, handwoven pieces to last a lifetime. By purchasing Luna Zorro textiles, clients are not only adding the highest quality and unique individuality to their homes, but they are also directly enabling artisans to maintain weaving traditions while becoming more financially independent and successful entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, community members, and storytellers.