The Heroines Journey w/ Rozanne Lopez - Soul Seed Gathering
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The Heroines Journey w/ Rozanne Lopez

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The Heroines Journey w/ Rozanne Lopez

Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them the power of naming themselves.” – Sarah Gilbert and Susan Gubar


When Rozanne’s daughters reached adolescence, at the cusp of womanhood, she struggled to find appropriate rites of passages and forms of initiation for this event.  When she decided to create them herself, she had to confront her own feminine wound which launched her on a sacred journey into the feminine.  Inspired by Maureen Murdoch’s framework called “The Heroine’s Journey,” which is in stark contrast to Joseph Campbell’s framework of “The Hero’s Journey,” and armed with writings by women for women along with course material from Sacred Female Soul Journey, Rozanne created a curriculum that can empower women of all ages to embark on their own quest, writing their own story.


In this talk, you will learn using the head, heart, and hands approach. The first part will be a brief overview of the framework, breaking it down into digestible parts which will include references to the Medicine Woman’s Journey.  The second part will include touching on the major stages of The Heroine’s Journey through storytelling.  You will share stories of your own experiences and hear a re-telling of familiar stories to unravel the myths and fairy tales that were told to women in order to forget who we really are.  The third part will engage the hands.  Through the act of imaginative mapmaking, all participants will have a chance to make a visual representation of their unique journey spiralling into themselves and out as an intentional act of prayer and intention.