Soul Seed Residency - Soul Seed Gathering
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Soul Seed Residency

every last Sunday of the month
An Invitation to

Join a monthly conference talk aimed at providing vision, research and inspiring works to companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs and participants committed to social good.

Educate for Corporate Social Responsibility, entrepreneurs and all guests in Earth Care, Women's Empowerment, Indigenous Rights, & Mental Health

a conference that shares the on-going works of Soul Seed Gathering, for all gender- identified

cacao ceremony, circle for change + networking brunch in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Please Note

Each ticket includes a gourmet organic plant-based brunch + conference talk, circle, and cacao ceremony

Reservations need to be received by the Wednesday before each event for Brunch preparation. Email us direct for late notice booking

All reservations and donations received fund our research, education and cultural preservation works. Thank you!

Reserve your space

Tickets are now for all gender-identifying participants.

Talk is given in English – please let us know ahead of time if you wish for Spanish translation.

Arrive early for us to begin at 9am.

Reserve Here

Om at Cashew Hill

Every last Sunday of the month.

Next Event: September 29th

Theme: Return to Roots