What We Do - Soul Seed Gathering
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What We Do

What We Do

We are a traveling women’s gathering,

built on a foundation of research, 

connecting with indigenous female cultures around the world.


We offer inter-cultural exchange experiences with local Medicine Women and Indigenous Female Leaders.


We provide education for engaging spirituality with integrity, cultural respect, learning and earth care.


Each bi-annual chapter takes places in a new location, based on a focus of research.


Guests include: indigenous female leaders, local artisans, international music artists, speakers, women-run businesses, traditional skill workshops, movement teachers, healers and creative artists




All profits support:


Research and Educational Project


Documentary Film Work


of Women’s Indigenous, Cultural & Ancestral Wisdom (past and present),

contributing to a history that was never written.






Each Soul Seed Gathering Chapter is:

a meeting place of women and ideas from around the world

an invitation for celebration

an immersive cultural experience

an idea forum for positive change

an educational portal including talks, skills workshops and interactive classes

For each chapter gathering, we join local indigenous women and learn their way of living and seeing the world, as they teach us their skills and insight.


We invite a few select guests, including those with experience in the fields of women’s history & culture, in the musical and performance arts, inspiring creatives, & those with direct cultural knowledge of the country we are visiting.


We invite all paying ticket holders to share an offering within their own knowledge, skill-set and experience. This ran as an experiment for our Chapter 1 with incredible success – we all have something profound and beautiful to offer.


Within each gathering, there is no hierarchy of expertise. We believe strongly that there is something to learn from each individual. Expect to come as an equal, to be supportive of one another and to learn from All those participating.


For Chapter 3, we will be inviting all guests to submit and join us with an understanding of the space we are holding, the ethos, importance and sensitivity of this work. Please take your time to learn what this experience is from the information we provide here.


Every ticket purchased and every donation made, supports our work directly.



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