Why We Do - Soul Seed Gathering
Why We Do - Soul Seed Gathering
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Why We Do

Why We Do

To understand the culture, traditions and stories of women around the world


To create community, conversation and positive change


To share open-source education, through written records, photography, short film episodes and a feature-length documentary film empowering our female story



We believe in holding a co-creative and collaborative community space for all to participate.

We aim to learn from one another by listening and sharing our voice in balance.



We believe in the importance of play, laughter and creativity.

We celebrate you as an individual, and invite you to celebrate those who may be different from you.



We pledge to consistently look at ways to reduce our footprint, operate sustainably and give back to the Earth we call home.

We seek to offer plant-based and locally-sourced food, respecting the Earth and community where it comes from.



We believe in life-long learning and remaining curious to the world.

At each gathering, we seek to share offerings that educate, empower and help us grow.



We believe in celebrating culture that shares a respect of women, community and the Earth.


We aim to stay curious in other ways of life and seek to learn without invading privacy and local custom.


We respect the privilege of visiting and learning from a culture.