Faq - Soul Seed Gathering
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About the Gatherings

Who can attend a Soul Seed Gathering Chapter?

Each Soul Seed Gathering Chapter is

an invitation for all female identifying creatives, dreamers and do-ers.

We pledge to hold a safe and inclusive space for women of all race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance or body size.

What if I want to attend a gathering, but can’t afford a ticket?

We gave full and partial scholarships for our previous chapter gatherings.
Scholarships are offered from the profit of ticket-sales, support with donation and sponsorships.
Keep checking in for scholarship opportunities for 2019.
To donate, go here.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our gathering and offering a full or partial scholarship position, let us know here.

Where does funding from the ticket sales go?

Gathering Costs include:

Minimal Staff Expenses
Space and Facility Rental
Food (3 locally-sourced organic plant-based meals a day)
Documentation (photography & videography) – to reach a wider community online
Support of local indigenous organizations

We operate as Profit-for-Purpose

All of our profits directly support our research and education offerings.


Documentary Feature-Film

You become a patron of our work, with every ticket purchased and donation you make. Thank you for supporting us!

What does a gathering ticket include?

All offerings, workshops, ceremonies, talks and movement classes on site

3 meals a day (Vegetarian/ Vegan)

Use of on-site facilities

What does a gathering ticket NOT include?

Airfare, travel insurance, transport to site, snacks, any activities or products not mentioned

How often do the gatherings take place?

we have recently transitioned from a annual gathering to a bi-annual gathering.

About the Soul Seed House 

What subscriptions are available?

Currently 3-Month and 6-Month memberships. Monthly subscriptions will become available at a later date.

Where do my donations go?

To support and allow us to build out the members space to our highest capability. We aim to build a full research library, educational materials for schools & academic institutions and a documentary film series and feature-length film – for the female story never told.

How can I support once the campaign is closed?

You can continue to support us by subscribing to this platform, donating any time on our Nourish page or joining our Investors Bloom Space (TBA).